Barbecue Kits

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  • Bar-Be-Quick Instant Barbecue Kit

    This great kit is perfect for a beach/park/garden barbecue, without the mess of cleaning the barbecue afterwards! In this fantastic Instant Barbecue Kit you will get an Instant Barbecue, a Party Barbecue, one of our NEW barbecue stands, bamboo skewers and 3 piece tool kit!

  • Bar-Be-Quick Smoker & Grill Barbecue Kit

    A great barbecue kit, perfect for camping trips or holidays with your family and friends! This Smoker & Grill BBQ kit comes with our fantastic Smoker & Grill BBQ, a bag of 2.7kg Instant Lighting Charcoal, a bag of Beech flavoured Smoking Chips and foil cooking bags.