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  • Bar-Be-Quick 5pk Barbecue & Oven Cooking Bags - FREE DELIVERY

    Foil barbecue & oven cooking bags is the perfect cooking vessel, retaining moisture and succulence and letting your favourite sauces and marinades go to work, while the window lets you keep an eye on things.

    • The window peels away for you to add ingredients or stir,
    • At the end of cooking the Bar-Be-Quick Bag can also be used as a serving dish.
    • Size is approximately A4 measuring 210mm x 300mm.

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  • Himalayan Salt Plate Recipe Book
    A perfect addition to any salt plate, showcasing the versatility of Himalayan Salt Plates. Explains how to use the salt plate for both cooking and serving, as well as proper care and maintenance. Includes over 20 recipes with photography, covering appetizers, mains, and desserts. 6 in. x 8 in.
  • Flex Grill Sheets - Set Of 2 - All Purpose

    The Charcoal Companion® Flame Friendly® FLEX Grill Sheets™ open up a range of possibilities on the grill. Cooking directly on grill grates can dry out food and drain its natural juices. With FLEX Grill Sheets™, steak, chicken, pork and seafood retain moisture and stay tender. Durable and heat resistant to 316°C, the sheets are reusable many times and also perfect for veggies, pizza, crab cakes and even wet food like pancakes and eggs which would otherwise slide through grates. Clean up is simple; once the sheets have cooled, place them in the top rack of the dishwasher or wipe them down with a damp cloth. The sheets also prevent buildup on grill grates so more time is spent grilling rather than cleaning the grill.

  • Himalayan Salt Chillers - x10 cubes

    Himalayan salt is a simple ingredient that can transform a cocktail. The Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Chillers impart flavour to margaritas, Bloody Marys, Salty Dogs, and virtually any other mixed drink served on the rocks! This set includes ten cubes so everyone can play mixologist. Top your drinks with cubes right out of the box or chill cubes before serving to keep your cocktails cool. Himalayan salt has naturally low moisture content, which allow them to be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. The Himalayan Salt Chillers are great for presentation and can withstand several uses. As they grow smaller after plenty of use, they may also be ground and sprinkled onto dishes at your next dinner party or backyard gathering.

  • Himalayan Salt Plank

    Himalaya salt is rich in trace minerals, which adds to the depth of flavour your foods will achieve when cooked, chilled or simply presented on the plate. The Himalayan Salt Plate imparts subtle flavour onto food resulting in a milder flavour than when using ground salt.

  • Bar-Be-Quick 4pk Metal Skewers
    • Easy to wash after use
    • Can be used for picnics, camping, barbecues & more
    • Ideal for use with marshmallows when camping
    • Gives food that professional look
    • Great travel accessory
    • Easy & convenient to use
    • Can be used for roasting or grilling meats or fish
    • Helps you make perfect kebabs
    • Use with a fondue set for a great treat for kids
    • Durable & versatile
  • Bar-Be-Quick 500ml Barbecue & Oven Cleaner (2 pack)

    The Bar-Be-Quick 500ml Barbecue & Oven Cleaner is perfect for any tough after-BBQ cleaning, on any barbecue, or even to clean your inside oven! Our cleaner makes light work of getting rid of stubborn burnt on food and grease.

  • Bar-Be-Quick Serving Trays - 3 pack
    Our Bar-Be-Quick Foil Serving Trays are great for food preparation, barbecuing, cooking and serving.
  • Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill & Bake - 2 x Replacement Grill Brackets

    2 x Replacement Grill Brackets for our Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill & Bake Barbecue.

  • Bar-Be-Quick Barbecue Glove

    These barbecue gloves are just the thing you need to protect your hands against the heat of a barbecue! Ideal for topping up your charcoal!

  • Bar-Be-Quick Lava Rock

    Bar-Be-Quick Lava Rock (for use with gas barbecues without the flavorising bars function)

    Natural volcanic lava rocks for use with gas barbecues.

    4kg box

  • Bar-Be-Quick 5pk Foil Grill Trays

    Our 5pk Foil Cooking Trays are fantastic to use on a BBQ, to stop fat dripping on to the coals, preventing a flare up.