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About Brooklyn

Available NOW! - NEW wood FREE Briquettes!

These briquettes have been made from a combination of coconut residues, mango stone and corn, all these are 100% sustainable.

Very easy to light

Use our woodwool, gel or a chimney starter

100% Sustainable

Made from Coconut, mango stones and corn.

Very clean burn

Low smoke & superior heat, longer burning than normal briquettes, ideal for slower cooks.

Longer cook time

An average 2kg load in a smoker/kettle BBQ will burn over 5 hrs.

About Brooklyn
Longer to get up to cooking temperature, there is less need to refuel so you get more cooking time.!


The briquettes details

Evenly shaped quality charcoal briquettes for that longer, hotter burn. Great for kettle barbecues, roasting and smoking.


Pack size available

We have this handy 5.0kg bag size.


Ultra clean burn

Low smoke high heat burn – perfect for a premium use.


Temperature grade

Briquettes are considerably hotter than lumpwood, creating consistent heat with a long burn cycle

Our Service

Best way to light briquettes

Watch our video below using our woodwool to light our Bar-Be-Quick Wood FREE Briquettes.

Lighting with gel

Specially formulated for barbecues.

Lighting blocks and a chimney

Quickly lights briquettes.

Newspaper and a chimney

A simple clean method.

Our Service

Get Bar-Be-Quick-ing this summer!

We have been barbecuer’s for over 30 years , do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!