About Brooklyn

The Reusable Instant Barbecue

Bar-Be-Quick designed and developed the first Reusable Instant Barbecue.

Large grilling area

240mm x 290mm approx of grilling space.

Lumpwood charcoal

We pride ourselves on using ethically sourced FSC charcoal in all our grill packs.

One match lighting...

Simply light the corners of the pack with a single match.

sand safety

Our ``Think Sand Safety`` campaign

…was launched to educate us all on the safe ways of using the Bar-Be-Quick Instant Barbecue on a public beach.

About Brooklyn
A simple design that’s designed to be REUSED time and time again.

Bar-Be-Quick Design Team
Our Service

Lighting the barbecue

Just a single match is all you need, remember to place on a firm flat surface that’s not effected by heat as the base of the barbecue gets very hot.

The pack shots...

Left:- Is the full ready to use barbecue

Right:- Is the handy refill pack, for 1 great barbecue cook.

For at least 20 fantastic barbecue occassions.

Our Service

Get Bar-Be-Quick-ing this summer!

We have been barbecuer’s for over 30 years , do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!