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Bar-Be-Quick 12kg Restaurant Charcoal – 1 pallet/ 35 units

£350.00 inc VAT

35 units on a pallet – 12kg Premium Grade Restaurant Lumpwood Charcoal Bags

  • Evenly shaped quality charcoal briquettes
  • Natural Briquettes made from compressed fines and starch
  • Giving a longer, hotter burn
  • Great for kettle barbecues
  • Ideal for roasting and smoking
  • Use with Bar-Be-Quick Lighting Agents


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Pallet (35 bags) of 12kg Premium Grade Restaurant Lumpwood Charcoal

Large charcoal chunks for use on professional/large grilling equipment

Larger pieces of Lumpwood charcoal, ideal for catering use or for larger, smoker barbecues.

Price includes delivery.