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2 x Gourmet Restaurant Charcoal – Medium

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  • Gourmet restaurant quality charcoal
  • 2 Bag size:- 34 dm3 (volume equivalent to 10kg)
  • Easy light
  • Large-sized pieces


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Using certified wood provided from sustainable forests and by the process of carbonization through slow environmentally friendly pyrolysis also certified.

Embers in 5 Minutes
Due to its characteristics and morphologic composition, biocharcoal is ready to be used in less time than traditional charcoal.

Uniform Temperature
The absence of gases, volatile material and the high percentage of fixed carbon allows biocharcoal to radiate a higher heat, in a more steady way, from ignition to combustion.

EcoBrasa Biocharcoal is a greener source of energy, made from biomass provided from sustainable forests and controlled by FSC certification, in particular, by harnessing wood and infesting species of the forest such as Australian wattle and mimosa wattle.

Through a slow pyrolysis process in technologically innovative furnaces, a greener charcoal with exceptional characteristics is obtained, both for domestic and professional use with DINplus certificate.

1 Bag size:- 17 dm3 (volume equivalent to 5kg)