1 pack Grab’N’Grill FSC® bags x 10 units

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  • 10 individual Grab’n’Grill bags
  • Great for small portable barbecues
  • Simply light the bag
  • Clean hands – no firelighters – no fuss
  • 100% Recyclable packaging

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Bar-Be-Quick’s FSC® Instant Lighting Charcoal Grab’N’Grill bags are clean, quick and easy to use, with none of the mess associated with traditional charcoal.  It’s supplied in its own paper bag which you simply place on the barbecue and light. The FSC® Instant Lighting Charcoal is specially treated, ensuring the charcoal lights first time, every time,with no need for lighter fluid.  No more charcoal smudged fingers, kitchen surfaces or food.

• Great for small portable barbecues
• Simply light the bag
• Clean hands – no firelighters – no fuss
• 100% Recyclable packaging

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•Do not empty charcoal out of bag
•Ensure your barbecue is placed on a firm, non-flammable, heat resistant surface – e.g. flagstones
•Place bag on grill, flat (see diagram), light corners where indicated and wait for the bag to burn down and light the charcoal within
•The Instant Lighting Charcoal is specially Impregnated to aid lighting
•No additional lighting aids are required
•Depending on conditions it should take approximately 20 minutes for the flames to die down.
•Do not cook before the charcoal has a coating of ash
•This charcoal can be topped up during use with untreated lumpwood or briquettes

In adverse weather the bag may not catch easily and re-lighting may be required until lit effectively. After about 10 mins separate the coals. If your charcoal appears to extinguish or smoke heavily before it is ready for cooking, try agitating or re-lighting with a long match or taper but be careful of flare up. Smoking charcoal imparts the distinct barbecue flavour. Shelter from wind if necessary. Occasionally during the cooking period, carefully agitate the charcoal to maintain heat if necessary.

This product generates extreme heat therefore great care must be taken with using, handling and safe disposal.
• Never use indoors or in confined spaces (for example tents) or as a source of heat. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can result from burning charcoal in areas with poor ventilation, even when extinguished.
• Do not use in prohibited areas or areas which prohibit open fires.
• Never attempt to light charcoal with petrol, methylated spirits or any flammable liquid not specifically designed for this purpose.
• Never place your barbecue on, or near, anything liable to be damaged by heat or flare up or from hot fat which may spit during cooking.
• Due to the potential risks involved with barbecuing, it is recommended that an adult not consuming alcohol is in control of the barbecue and that first aid and other emergency provisions such as fire extinguishers, are at hand. • Always keep children and pets away from the barbecue and the barbecue area.
• Never leave a lit barbecue unattended.
• Never handle the barbecue while in use as it soon becomes very hot.

• To prevent food poisoning, always ensure that food is completely defrosted before cooking commences and that it is always cooked thoroughly.
• After cooking, extinguish completely and allow to go cold before handling or moving.
• Remember the area beneath and around your barbecue may become hot and remain so for some time after use.
• Remember to dispose of your used charcoal carefully and responsibly.


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