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The portable picnic barbecue

About Brooklyn

About the Portable BBQ

Our BBQ has a 34cm grill, vented lid with heat resistant resin handle, built-in strengthened chrome wire legs for extra safety.

Handy grill size

At just 36cm diameter grill area.

Vented lid

Great for controlled authentic barbecue cooking.

Chromed legs

Built-in strengthened chrome wire legs for safety.

Locking lid

3 spring steel locking catches hold the lid in place.

Resin handle

Large thermally insulated lid handle allows safe removal.

Chromed grill

The cooking grill comes with handle for easy fuel access.

About Brooklyn
Makes a great table top barbecue

BAR-BE-QUICK - Design Team

The Portable BBQ

This BBQ complete with a 34cm grill, a heat resistant resin handle, adjustable air vent, strengthened chrome wire legs and rolled edge for safety.


Locking Lid

3 handy catches lock the lid securely.


Chromed fixed legs

Great for using on any flat ground, parkland or even the beach.


Vented lid

Great for use straight on a table top.

Our Service

Below you can see the portable barbecue in action.

Light, easy to carry

Locking lid clips

Vented lid

Our Service

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