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About Brooklyn

Introducing the BBQ-SNUG
a great stand & windshield.

Shelters your disposable barbecue from the wind, reduces scorched grass, helps the barbecue burn for longer and stops the food from falling off!

Even a gentle Breeze can quickly cool a disposable BBQ

BBQ Snug is a Stand & Windshield for disposable BBQ’s. It helps your barbecue attain and sustain useful cooking temperatures by deflecting light breezes and air-born dust, sheltering your BBQ.

Scorched Grass isn't cool!

BBQ Snug lifts your Disposable BBQ off the ground, preventing the ground from becoming scorched and unsightly blackened patches of grass. Giving peace of mind, your fun isn’t damaging the environment.

Keeps your food under control

BBQ Snug ‘contains’ your food allowing you to use all of the cooking surface. A standard foil grill tray can sit conveniently on top. When securely fixed, it can support cooked food, creating a Warming Station. The tray can provide some protection in inclement weather.

A Great Start

Often barbecues can be tricky to light in windy conditions. BBQ Snug makes it easier, helping the ignition to be more uniform and complete which means your BBQ has a more even heat over its cooking surface whilst minimising potential airborne ash.


Ready in Moments

It’s unique Pop-Up design is completely hassle free. It simply clicks together in seconds, without screws or tools.

The ability to be able to quickly barbecue in less than perfect conditions will reward your spontaneity. BBQ Snug can be a useful ally to make the best of the day, the food, and your memorable event.

About Brooklyn
A simple effective design that works time and time again.

Bar-Be-Quick Design Team


Its ease of use will naturally lead you to use it more often. Because there’s no preparation or clean-up it often becomes the preferred option to firing up the ‘big’ home barbecue.

BBQ Snug fits all the readily available instant & disposable BBQ’s, even the slightly larger ones.
For the large Party size BBQ’s you can buy and use 2x BBQ Snugs.

Please note. A disposable barbecue is not included.

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Lightweight & Folds Flat

Compact in size, light & easy to carry. Ideal for back packers, festival goers and picnics. It’s increased efficiency and cosy ‘big BBQ’ feel makes it effective for cooking for larger parties.

The three sides of BBQ Snug shield the barbecue and contribute to a partial level of physical protection, helping guard from misadventure.

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