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The Original Instant BBQ...

About Brooklyn

The Original Instant BBQ

We created the Original instant barbecue that has been mimicked the world over, but what’s certain that we have a reputation of making the market leader and the best performing instant BBQ available.

Large grilling area

220mm x 270mm approx of grilling space.

Lumpwood charcoal

We pride ourselves in using ethically sourced and FSC charcoal in all our instant grills.

One match lighting...

All our instants will light easily and quickly with a single match no need for any assistance.

Long burn time...

We say our grills will ‘burn’ for over an hour giving a good cooking time.

Cooks for up to 4

Our grills are capable of cooking a meal for up to 4 adults.

Complete barbecue

All you need for a great barbecue all you need to do is provide the food.


Our ``Think Beach Safe`` campaign

…is being launched during the 2018 season to educate us all on the safe ways of using the Bar-Be-Quick Instant Barbecue on a public beach.
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About Brooklyn
A simple effective design that works time and time again.

Bar-Be-Quick Design Team

The folding BBQ stand

We have specially designed our sturdy folding wire stand to safely hold an instant BBQ.

The NEW Bar-Be-Quick Barbecue Stand fits both Bar-Be-Quick Instant and Party Barbecues. This stand folds flat without need for any assembly, is light and portable – and will always hold your barbecue safely and securely whilst you cook!

The barbecue grill at a safe height from the ground so you don’t scorch the grass or leave a nasty bun on a table.

Always tidy up the cooled unit and either take to the nearest bin or take home with you.

Our Service

Lighting the barbecue

Just a single match is all you need, remember to place on a firm flat surface that’s not effected by heat as the base of the barbecue gets very hot.

Our Service

Get Bar-Be-Quick-ing this summer!

We have been barbecuer’s for over 30 years , do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!