We are Grillologists

If you are in the market for a nice shiny new barbecue then most barbecues have a lid but this usually ends up on the floor.
Barbecuing without your lid means that all those great smokey flavours are lost and the heat disappears into thin air.
Cooking with the lid on allows the food to cook, the temperature is easily controlled and there’s no risk of flare-ups which burn and scorch the food.

The 3 ways to grill...


For small cuts and food which take less than 20 mins to cook. Burgers, sausages, etc.

  • Open the lid top vents and bowl bottom vent if the BBQ has these.
  • Spread glowing briquettes across the full grate area evenly.
  • Place the cooking grill and the food directly above the hot coals


Heat is allowed to spread around the food, this is a slower cook method great for larger joints and roasts or even for cakes!

  • Fully open the top and bottom vents if your BBQ has these.
  • Place glowing Briquettes on each side of the charcoal grate.
  • Use a foil drip tray placed in the centre of the coals.
  • Replace the cooking grill and place your food directly over the drip tray.

50/50 METHOD

This uses the “Sear and Move” method to cook, where you directly cook over the hot coals then you move over to the drip tray so the food can continue to cook through slowly. Ideal for chicken breasts, medium cuts of meat, etc.

  • Open the vents if your BBQ has these.
  • Position glowing Briquettes in a pile to one side of the charcoal grate.
  • Add a little water into the Drip Tray and place opposite.
  • Place the food over the glowing coals to cook that’s to be cooked quickly.
  • Place food that’s to be cooked slower over the drip tray.

Note:- On all 3 methods if the barbecue coals are too hot close the top vent slightly, to control or dampen the temperature down.

Try to use a barbecue with the LID on!

Become a BBQ expert chef using our simple and easy technics for your next BBQ party.


We show you these simple methods

Easy, simple and quick taking the fuss out of light your barbecue.

Keeping your barbecue clean...

Specialist barbecue tools and cleaners

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Keeping it under cover!

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