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Using our Charcoal Pizza Barbecue

July 10, 2020
July 10, 2020 #grillguide

Using our Charcoal Pizza Barbecue

Most important is fueling position and the amount you will need.

Use any of our charcoal lumpwood, instant lighting treated or briquettes but the arrangement for these is vital, place in a curve at the back & sided of the barbecue, but not under where the pizza stone will sit – a minimum of 3kg of charcoal will cook 4-5 pizza’s. The easiest are our Instant Light packs use 2 or 3 of the inner bags are handy to position and light

Light the charcoal wait for the flames to die away then put the lid on with the top vent SHUT – Important!

Wait for the temperature to rise to be above 300-350°C – then slide the stone in and your ready to cook.

Pizzas will need turning regularly to avoid over cooking at the rear, plus you can check the pizza base at the same time.

Use a long handled pizza peel, plus a mitt as its hot!

Watch the short video below…

Simple steps to pizza success on a ``barbecue``...

This will easily cook four to five -12″ Pizza’s


Use our 2pack Bags

Use both inners at the back of the grate.


Light the corners

Just lights in 15mins …


Treated lumpwood charcoal

No fuss, no messy hands…


Wait for flames to stop

…and a grey ash to form.


Fit cooking grill

Be careful its very hot.


Position the pizza stone

Placed to the front, away from direct heat.


Fit the ring

Just line up to match.


Top off with lid

IMPORTANT – Close the top vent!


Wait for the temperature

Needs to be over 550°F !


Prepare the pizza

From scratch is fun, or a ready made.


Slide in to cook

Using a suitable pizza peel.


Check & turn 90°

…wait a few minutes and turn

"Now enjoy your home made “pizzeria”…"


Charcoal Kettle Pizza Barbecue

£149.00 inc VAT

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The Bar-Be-Quick Charcoal Kettle Pizza Barbecue comes complete with a full family sized 57cm barbecue grill & a pizza conversion ring.

Remember its not just a ‘pizza ring’ as others supply.

It’s a full Barbecue and a pizza ring convertor see what is in the box below… See MORE

Out of stock

SKU: MBBQ0159 Category:


Supplied in the box,

A large grill size
Family sized 57cm diameter grill area.

Heavy gauge cooking grill
Quality thick chromed steel.

Temperature gauge
For ultimate cooking control & safety

Rust free parts
Aluminium legs, vents and ash pan for long life

Bottom air control
Easy adjust and ash clean.

Pizza oven ring
Deep aluminium ring converts the kettle BBQ into a great pizza oven.

Resin handle
Large thermally insulated lid handle allows safe removal.

Porcelain enamel bowl & lid
The cooking bowl & lid has a hard durable finish.

Base shelf
Handy accessory storage area.

Easy build
Simple build, care and use booklet.

Accessories available
These include a weather cover, ceramic pizza stone and pizza paddle.

BBQ built dimensions:-

L – 175mm
W- 73mm
H- 122mm

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 175 × 73 × 122 cm

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