Thinking about an Outdoor Firepit or Fire Bowl

January 29, 2021
January 29, 2021 #grillguide

Thinking about an Outdoor Firepit or Fire Bowl

Most people don’t have space for a bonfire or a purpose-built fireplace in their garden, and so many settle for a fuel heater or chimenea to hold back the evening chill.

A fire bowl is a far more attractive and practical solution and great centre piece for those chilly evenings this year.

Typically firepits can be as low-tech as a big fireproof bowl for burning real wood or charcoal, like our practical Dual Firepit and Barbecue and firepit fuels.

Here are seven tips to help ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your firepit or fire bowl.

1 – Check local smoke control regulations regarding open fires, chimneas, bonfires etc, although normally these are permitted in smoke control zones.(

2 – Make sure the area is clear of foliage and anything else that might catch fire or melt, at least six feet around the firepit is advisable, and don’t forget to look up as well!!!

3 – Never leave a firepit unattended when it is alight. Keep a bucket of water or preferably a bucket of sand near by in case of incidents.

4 – Wind can be an issue with firepits, particularly when burning wood as burning embers can get blown out of the fire bowl. Ideally select a location with some protection from the wind. This will also help to keep the heat in!

5 – Use a purpose-designed fire bowl – improvised or home-made firepits have been known to shatter, disintegrate or melt. Like our Dual use Firepit and Barbecue, buy one to cook on and one to keep you warm.

6 – When the party is over, extinguish the fire then let the firepit cool thoroughly before attempting to move it. Ideally the fire should be smothered with sand or dirt rather than water, as this can cause a cloud of ash-laden steam.

7 – And of course, enjoy outdoor living whatever the Great British weather allows!!!