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November 29, 2018 #grillguide

These Great Christmas Gifts for under £20 will keep your Girlfriend happy until next Christmas!

Collection of little handmade gift boxes on blue background

Keep both you and your girlfriend happy this Christmas and buy her something shes going to love at a price you’re going to love!


1- Every girl loves to be organised! I don’t know about you but my whole life goes into my diary. I’m sure your girlfriend will appreciate this planner at just £16.99.



2- The cheapest pamper session a girl can get at the lovely price of £14.99.



3- You’d have to buy 2 pairs of these. A pair for your girlfriend and a pair for yourself! At £19.99 each, who’s complaining?



4- Everyone likes jewellery, but personalised jewellery makes it that little bit more special at just £18.99.



5- I got a bit excited when I saw this one! And at only £14.99!



6- This is just the cutest! At only £14.99 I’d buy two!



7- Whether your girlfriend wears makeup or not, I’m sure she can put this brush holder to good use at just £16.99.



8- I’m sure she would share this with you if she was feeling generous. And if not, at £12.99 you may as well buy yourself one.



9- Is your girlfriend clumsy? Is she always dropping things such as her phone? Spending £8.99 on this little life saver is a lot cheaper than paying for a cracked phone screen!



10- Whether your girlfriend is a beer drinker or a gin drinker, anyone can appreciate a cocktail maker, especially when it’s only £19.99.