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The Alphabet Cooked on a BBQ:

August 22, 2019
August 22, 2019 #grillguide

The Alphabet Cooked on a BBQ:

After reading this list, I think you’ll soon come to realise that a barbecue is
basically an oven, hob and grill all in one! The possibilities are endless.

A – Apples, Apricots, Avocado

B – Banana, Bacon, Burgers (the obvious)

C – Cornbread, Cupcake, Cheese

D – Duck, Donuts, Drumstick

E – Eggplant, Enchilada, Egg

F – Fish, Fajitas, Fries

G – Grapefruit

H – Halloumi, Haddock, Hot Dogs

I – Italian Pizza

J – Jalapeno Pepper

K – Kiwi,  Kidney Beans

L – Lobster, Lasagne, Lentils

M – Mushrooms, Mango, Meatballs

N – Nachos, Naan Bread, Nuggets

O – Onions,  Oranges

P – Popcorn, Pancakes, Peaches (these are surprisingly delicious grilled!)

Q – Quiche, Quesadilla

R – Rhubarb,  Red Pepper, Red Velvet Cake

S – Salmon, Strawberries, Sausages (another obvious)

T – Tomatoes, Toast, Tacos

U – Ugli Fruit

V – Veal, Vegetables

W – Wedges, Waffle, Watermelon

X – OK. But are there even any foods that start with X?!

Y – Yorkshire Puddings, Yellow Pepper

Z – Zucchini