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Smoking Your Way To Success

September 12, 2019
September 12, 2019 #grillguide

Smoking Your Way To Success

How to smoke your way to success?

Whilst many people think barbecuing is as easy as throwing some food onto the grill and cooking it, there are some useful tip we can share with you that could improve your smoking skills. With a little bit of knowledge, it could mean greater and even tastier results!

Smoking is a method used by many of us to enhance the amazing smoky flavours. If this is your first time smoking, please see a few of our useful tips for a smoking experience;

No Peaking

It may be tempting to keep checking up on your food but in reality it can become a nightmare! Try and resist lifting the lid often and only check on your food when needs be. The temperature and smoke is vital to the smoking process – By lifting the lid, you will lose both of these components.

Don’t Over-Do It

Although woodchips are a great product to use whilst smoking, to many could be an issue – You only need a few to get the luscious smoky flavour. By adding to much, you are ensuring the wood will be more prominent in the recipe.

Another tip we have is to try and smoke your food for half of the cooking time. For e.g.; If you are smoking for 2 hours, smoke for 1 hour and let the heat do the rest.

Pay Attention To The Smoke

Whilst white smoke is good smoke, Black smoke is most definitely not. White smoke is what makes your food taste delicious. Black smoke on the other hand, indicates that the woodchips may need moving around as they are trapping some air.


Check Your Vents

Before you start, check the bottom vents are wide open and aren’t  clogged up. Your top vent should again be open and positioned away from the direction of the travelling smoke. This will draw more smoke which will spend more time under the lid flavouring your food before leaving the vent.

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