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Smoke & Grill Thermometer Calibration

May 29, 2020
May 29, 2020 #grillguide

Smoke & Grill Thermometer Calibration

If you are having issues with the thermometer on the Smoke & Grill you can calibrate it simply hold the rear of the device carefully over a boiling kettle or in boiling water using pliers to handle safely.

Wait for a minute to stabilize then quickly read the pointer position – then rotate the screw head using a small spanner or pliers until its pointing correctly at the 100*C temperature and you are done.

Remember there is only a relatively small temp range for ‘hot’ smoking between 100-135*C.

On the Smoker & Grill we also recommend you start with the vent fully closed until the temp you need has been reached and then open to control further.