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Pulled Pork using our Smoker & Grill

August 9, 2018
August 9, 2018 #grillguide

Pulled Pork using our Smoker & Grill

Pictures below of how we did a delicious Pulled Pork using our Smoker & Grill to ‘slow and low’ cook a 2kg pork shoulder for just over 6hrs… using a full 5kg of our Briquettes over the 6hrs cook, using the “minion” method to light , smoked with Whisky Chips in apple juice, the cider was added into the Serving Tray to add flavour and moisture when the joint had reached 60•C – then was further cooked until the internal temp o the meat went above 94• to break down the meat, so you can just pull apart the meat to serve.

Our smoker has 3 sections to it,  the bottom section is the fire grate and bowl, we fill this with approx 4kg of fuel we are using our briquettes that have a natural starch binder so it wont add any chemical taste to the meat. We then use 10 individual briquettes to start the coals, we get these going separately and when ready we just add these to the centre ‘minion’ method to give a long slow fuel burn.

Then above this is the water pan, this dampens the direct heat from the coals but also add moisture to the cook, you will need to keep an eye on this and not to let it dry out by keeping it topped up. A great use for a watering can with its long spout makes adding easier.

The middle section is then clipped in place this gives a taller barrel so you could hang fish or meat from the top grill where the pork will be place in our cook, or you can place a second joint on a grill just above the water pan if required.

Top is the lid with the thermometer and vent – So lets get cooking our Pulled Pork.

We are going to use a small 2kg joint rubbed a simple spiced bbq rub. Make sure the meat is a room temperature and not just from the fridge so needs to have been out for around an hour. Then place onto the pre lit smoker top grill and leave with the temperature adjusted to around 120*C now you would ideally need a temp prob as you need to know when the core temp of the meat has got to 65*-70*C. When it has it needs removing from the grill placing in a foil tray poor a bottle of cider or beer in the tray and cover with foil, replace into the smoker and the wait until the core temp gets to 95*C.

When its at temp let it rest for at least 30mins and the serve.

Another way to fuel that works equally well and will cook for as long as you need if you keep topping up the fuel every hour with extra briquettes.

When ready pull apart with forks and serve warm on a focaccia bun with your favourite bbq sauce. – Yummy! & your first go budget go at serious ‘pitmaster’ grilling!