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What to place your Instant BBQ on?

June 25, 2020
June 25, 2020 #grillguide

What to place your Instant BBQ on?

Just in time for another warm BBQ weekend here are tips for what to place your Instant BBQ onto to cook without causing problems.

Setting your dining table on fire or burning the grass when your out having a picnic with your Instant BBQ is not the best idea, it could end up becoming a moor fire – so please “Think before you light!”

The base of these barbecues reaches well over 400*C and this can easily transfer through any barriers you might place underneath the bbq to protect the surface its sitting on, they are no match for a plastic table or a damp patio slab can pop and crack due to this heat transfer! –  Its an decent AIR gap they really need – So watch this short video above.

Remember – DO NOT use this product directly on or around wood or plastic based surfaces such as benches, wooden tables & decking – Also on the beach remember the sand will be as hot underneath as the BBQ is as well!

Please:- When your finished remember to be tidy and not just leave your BBQ to cool, douse with bottled water to extinguish it, don’t try to empty the charcoal from the BBQ if your on the beach as someone could stand on the ash after you have left and get a nasty burn!

Better still is buy one of our re-usable folding stands, it fits both sizes of our barbecues, holding them firmly and safely, well away from the surface its seated on – BUY NOW!