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November 8, 2018 #grillguide

A great christmas gift !

Once upon a time we smoked meat as a way to preserve it. As smoke makes the liquid evaporate it preserves the raw material so you could always fetch meat from the pantry and serve meat all year round. Today it’s a different need we try to fulfill with smoking
many love the delicate smoke flavors we know from for instance salmon, ham and barbecued food. Smoke has become one of the hottest trends in BBQ – because with your barbecue you have the perfect tool to get started smoking and it’s so easy to do with the Smoker & Grill…

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About Brooklyn
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... plus it's only £69.99

With a 17″- 42.5cm dual level “barrel” charcoal grill with a water pan,
temperature gauge, 3kg capacity fuel pan & front hinged
charcoal top-up access door.

Approx Unit Dimensions of this smoker grill are – 87cm – 57.2cm high
Diameter and the inside of the smoker is 42.5cm or 17″.

Your barbecue should have top or even bottom vents are used to regulate heat within the smoker. Opening vents increases temperature and closing vents decreases temperatures. Temperature of 250˚F (121˚C) is ideal for most meats. Check the temperature every 15 minutes and open or close vents as needed until you achieve and maintain your target temperature.

Because raw meat is more porous than cooked meat it absorbs more wood smoke at the beginning of the smoking process. To add more wood, open the side door and, using tongs, set the chips/chunks on top of the burning coals, and then close the door.

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Don't forget our Barbecue smoking woodchips and papers.

3 great flavours to choose from, in handy sized resealable pouches,
Whisky, Beech & Hickory.

Get our Woodchips.

You can purchase the direct from our online store

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