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How much charcoal for my BBQ?

May 11, 2020
May 11, 2020 #grillguide

How much charcoal for my BBQ?

That’s the most asked/searched for question we get … ” how much charcoal should I use for my BBQ?”

The question you really need to know first is what your intending to cook, how long its going to cook and for how many. Plus along with the size of your grill and the method your cooking this will alter the quantity of charcoal needed.

At Bar-Be-Quick we have packaged them to help with this – our new 2Pack and 4Pack Instant Light bags, on a Portable sized Mini Kettle using 1 inner pack for a family meal of sausage, chicken & burgers will be the right amount. If you have a larger family sized kettle or barrel BBQ use the full 2pack. On average one inner pack will easily cook for up to 90 minutes without any top-ups.

If your using our Briquettes, the best way is to measure these out, no you don’t need to get the weighing scales as each of our briquettes is 50g approx, then 15 coals is the perfect starting amount on a Mini Kettle , direct or indirect, these will hold a cooking temperature for almost 3hrs giving ample time to cook “low & slow” even on a small portable kettle BBQ – any top ups just add 5-6 briquettes every 45mins.

If your using our Lumpwood, simply measure it out, a 9″ plastic plant pot works well, using approx 1.5measures worth on the Mini Kettle and 1 on our Portable. You are aiming to achieve around 1.5kg and 1.0kg respectively of Lumpwood. Top up with half a measure every 45 mins.

Remember to look out for our new style charcoal bags in a supermarket loaded with great information down the sides of the bags for recipes and marinades to try on a range of meats even vegetables, & along with the usual how to light and our how much to use guide.