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Grill Skills: Tips for a successful barbecue

January 17, 2019
January 17, 2019 #grillguide

Grill Skills: Tips for a successful barbecue


It’s ­important to make the most of the outdoors when the weather is good. The picnic weather we’re enjoying provides the perfect ­opportunity to get your loved ones together for a barbecue party; However using the barbecue is not the easiest of feats. Before starting up the grill, here are some tips to ensure it all go’s right even if it’s your first time!

Top Tips


Be patient

Do not, we repeat, please do not rush your barbecue! Wait until the flames are grey and glowing – that’s when you add the meat, when its all ready to go. To really lock the flavour’s in, use a grill that has a lid. This is so you don’t let any of the smokiness loose so the flavour is still in the meat. Let the heat and smoke fill the grill and get taken in by the food to get a flavourful barbecue taste.

Know your technique

You can use Bar-Be-Quick charcoal and Bar-Be-Quick Smoking chips along with direct or ­indirect heat to help your food achieve that delicious  smokiness. Using the Bar-Be-Quick Smoking chips adds an extra punch. You can also soak the smoking chips in water for an hour (or overnight) before draining them. Now wrap them up in an aluminum foil. Poke holes for the smoke to be released and place on top of your charcoal. This is to produce maximum smoke.

Aluminum foil is your BFF

If you don’t have all the barbecue tools on hand or just want a new way to barbecue, just scrunch a sheet of heavy-duty aluminium foil, pick it up with tongs and, there you go – you have a grill brush. No one enjoys cleaning, especially on a grill. Placing down a few sheets of foil at the bottom of the cooker before putting in the Bar-Be-Quick briquettes or lumpwood makes it easier to clean up after use – we will all be happy about this.

Smokey veggies

A barbecue doesn’t have to be just a meat feast – fire and smoke also work beautifully with vegetables, too. Just slice them up to your preferred size and pop them on the barbecue right away. This is without any oil or seasoning unless you want that extra flavour along side the smokiness. Wait for the charred bars to appear on the vegetables, then you can place them along side you chosen barbecue favorite.


Marinade is key

Marinating your food with your selected herb and spice ­combinations is key, ­especially for a barbecue. Save some marinade for later as you can put more on your chosen fish or meat. Brush it every 10 minutes while it’s cooking away. This will help add ­moisture and give a really good taste to your fish or meat – Along with a golden-brown glaze.


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