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Choosing Briquettes or Lumpwood – But why?

July 23, 2018
July 23, 2018 #grillguide

Choosing Briquettes or Lumpwood – But why?

OK so why do we have 2 sorts of barbecue charcoal – do you know the difference do you know when the right choice will make the difference.

lumpwood-image   briquettes-image

So does it really matter whether you choose Briquettes or Lumpwood – Short answer is YES ! – Lumpwood is made using small short pieces of carbonised wood branches and its main feature is the speed and ease of lighting. Briquettes are carbonised wood that is crushed and mixed with a binder usually a natural starch and then it is moulded into the familiar uniformed pillow shape. It normally takes longer to light a briquette, but they have the advantage of burning hotter and longer. Its always wise to choose the fuel according to what you are going to be barbecuing.

How much do I use. 

A chimney starter is great to get the charcoal lit but use it as a measure for how much you need the average 35-45cm kettle BBQ will take one standard chimney starter, or use 3-4 scoops of a 8″ plastic plant pot as a rough measure. its usually around 1.5 or 2kg. So a 6kg bag should last you 3 barbecues.

Cook/Burn times.

The above scooped amount Lumpwood will burn for approx 1.5hrs ready to cook in 20mins so ideal for quick cooking food like burgers and sausages, steaks and fish. The same amount of Briquettes will burn for approx twice as long at 3hrs but ready to use still in around 20-30 mins making these ideal for larger joints of meat that take longer to cook through or if your smoking large cuts of meat, but its still great for burgers!

The choice is your but now you know the reason for the 2 types.

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