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Check out these Top Ten Tremendous Bargains!

August 9, 2018
August 9, 2018 #grillguide

Check out these Top Ten Tremendous Bargains!

It’s National Bargain Hunting Week which means we’re giving you the blog of your dreams! Check out all the wonderful things you never thought you could get for under a fiver on www.prezzybox.com!


Do you want a cat? Are you being denied the opportunity of a fury friend by a parent or partner? Then meet them half way for £3.99.



Have some fun for £4.99 with these face beer mats!



This prezzy brings camping and chocolate together at the price of just £4.99.



Who doesn’t love Prosecco?! I could easily buy this gift for at least 6 people I know and wouldn’t be breaking the bank at £3.99!



Check out this card! Who doesn’t love unicorns? And for £2.99 only.



For £2.99 I might get one of these myself!



Who dares eat this for £3.00?



Want to keep an eye on your partner’s alcohol intake? £4.99 only.



Why not switch your Haribo’s for soap for £3.99?



Know anyone who’s always losing their keys? This is worth the £4.99.


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