Weekend Project – Build-in BBQ brick base

January 31, 2021
January 31, 2021 #grillguide

Weekend Project – Build-in BBQ brick base

A how to...

So here are the pointers to watch out on the rest of the build.

You need to carry on and building up to the the 9th layer of bricks, then on the 10th layer you arrange the cross bricks that will support the oven with the fire tray attached. (see the images below). 2 bricks each side with half a brick in between. Finish around the layer, then check fit the oven sits ok, the cross bricks have roughly 25-30mm hanging inside.

Once your happy with the fit carry on with 4 more layers on top till you have 14 in total. Remember to push fit the 4 metal grill hangers into the still wet motar, but if you do forget you will need to drill holes into the motar and attach with more motar, so not a problem either way.

Once done leave to dry for at least 2days to make sure its all set before lighting, now you can enjoy many happy barbecues in the future.


Watch the video below for the whole “speed” build.