Barbecue Responsibly this Summer

August 9, 2022
August 9, 2022 #grillguide

Barbecue Responsibly this Summer

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When using an instant barbecue...

Read the Instructions

Do ensure you read the instructions fully before you start.

Don't use inside

Using a barbecue in an enclosed space could be severely detrimental to your health. Charcoal emits carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas.

Don't place on a bench or table

The base of the BBQ gets very hot, over 400°C!

Don't put directly on floor!

Make sure there is an air gap underneath, use rocks or similar.

Make sure its out.

When you have finished cooking your food use a bottle of water to extinguish.

Place in a bin.

Only when its cooled dispose in a bin or take it home for recycling.

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Using an instant barbecue responsibly..

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Using an instant barbecue responsibly..

– Please remember –


Fires can start easily in hot weather.

If using your instant barbecue on grass ensure there is an air gap with rocks or a suitable stand and always ensure the barbecue is properly extinguished with water.


When you're on the beach.

Follow our Beach Safe guidelines shown below.


At a festival!

Never use as a heater inside a tent or confined space. Charcoal emits Carbon Monoxide which is a poisonous gas!

Using an instant barbecue on a BEACH responsibly..

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Our Think Beach Safe campaign is being run during the season
to educate us all on the safe ways of using the
Bar-Be-Quick Instant Barbecue on a public beach.

We all know that there is nothing better than to head to the coast for a barbecue on a sunny day.
Wind in your hair, sea lapping at your feet and the amazing smells drifting up from your barbecue, but all to often
some people can forget the potential dangers of unsafe disposal of the units after they have finished eating.

Here’s some do’s and don’ts to help stay safe.

DO extinguish...

…with sea water, or bottled water and allow to cool completely.

DO pick up the cooled unit

…and either take to the nearest bin or take home with you.

DO dampen the sand with sea water...

…where the barbecue has been sitting. The sand underneath the barbecue can reach a dangerous 400 degrees.

Don't use inside

… in the sand. Sand can act as in insulator not an extinguisher, it can become extremely hot creating hazardous temperatures for unsuspecting feet.

DON'T Leave

… a cooling barbecues unattended.

DON'T Leave the used barbecues...

… on the beach. Always take your rubbish with you, if left to wash away the barbecues can become harmful to our marine animals.

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Using an instant barbecue responsibly..

– Please remember –


Being kind to your environment


We are proud to supply you this instant barbecue, made in the UK from sustainable materials.
The paper label, cardboard collar, aluminium foil tray and steel cooking grill are all recyclable when carefully separated and passed to your local council recycle stations.
The charcoal is responsibly sourced from FSC© approved, carefully managed forests. Even the used charcoal ashes can be good for your garden!

Don’t just bin it – Recycle it!


Don’t risk starting a fire!


When in the countryside having a barbecue please take care when placing your barbecue on the ground ready for cooking.
The base of the tray can reach over 400°C and will burn tables or benches if placed directly onto ther surface.
Sparks, heat or flames from the barbecue can easily start a grass fire if care is not taken to use safely, extinguish completely after use.
Remember to place the barbecue on stones, rocks or bricks and not in direct contact with grass or other surfaces likely to burn.
Better still use our Reusable Wire Stand available for purchase on our website.

Don’t just place it on the ground !

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Finally enjoy cooking on your barbecue...

The correct way to cook on your instant BBQ.

Place BBQ raised above surface

Choose a non flammable area raised up using bricks or rocks under the bbq so its not touching the surface below.

Wait until flames stop!

Don’t start cooking while its ‘flaming’, wait 15mins until just the grey hot ash developed.

When finished

Extinguish fully using a bottle of water and take the cooled remains home with you in a bag to recycle the tray and grill. Put the ash on the garden or compost.

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