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Bar-Be-Quick Products you need for the Perfect Picnic!

June 18, 2020
June 18, 2020 #grillguide

Bar-Be-Quick Products you need for the Perfect Picnic!

National Picnic Week starts on 22nd June, so what better blog to give you? If you follow these ‘rules’ then you’ll be sure to have the perfect picnic with the family!


No picnic is complete without an instant BBQ that is also portable and easy to carry around!



And of course, you can’t have an Instant barbecue without a BBQ stand! #safetyfirst

Bar-Be-Quick Instant Barbecue Stand


Alternatively, you could purchase the BBQ Snug. It also protects your barbecue from the wind which is extremely handy as BBQ’s are for all weathers, not just the sun!

BBQ Snug – Windshield & Stand


The USB Lighter is an essential because how else are you going to light your BBQ?! Either that or you can purchase some Bar-Be-Quick Matches from your local supermarket!

Electronic Lighter – USB


Now, accessories may not be seen as an essential but believe me, they are! They help prevent you burning yourself and help you handle food when transferring from the BBQ to a plate.


The BBQ Glove is a must. Barbecues are hot! #safetyfirst

Bar-Be-Quick Barbecue Glove


Cheap and cheerful, this Three Piece Tool Set will help you BBQ with ease!

Bar-Be-Quick 3pc Mini Tool Set


Added extras? Why not buy some Bar-Be-Quick skewers (wooden or metal!)

Bar-Be-Quick Bamboo Skewers