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A stay at home VE Party BBQ?

May 7, 2020
May 7, 2020 #grillguide

A stay at home VE Party BBQ?

 VE Day Stay At Home Street Party , people can still celebrate the day with their neighbours whilst observing social distancing and staying at home. Organisers are encouraging the public to decorate the outside of their homes in red, white and blue, bunting and flags to mark the occasion, so that whole streets are adorned in the nation’s colours. This way, neighbours can enjoy the visual spectacle of national pride from their windows or during their one hour of exercise per day. People are being encouraged to decorate their home in red, white and blue. SEE the tool-kit

People are also being encouraged to forgo group gatherings for afternoon tea and picnics and instead hold a smaller celebration in the garden or on a doorstep with your household.

Think mini sandwiches, cakes, scones with jam and cream and a good old cup of tea, but you could always change that for an Instant BBQ with burgers n buns! – If you can take some pictures of your BBQ stay at home party… for us to share.

If you need inspirations, more ideas, recipes or tips on how to throw your own VE Day Stay At Home Street Party, the government have sent up a website dedicated to providing you with a full toolkit of resources at ve-vjday75.gov.uk.