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7 Delicious ways to make your pancakes differently

February 15, 2021
February 15, 2021 #grillguide

7 Delicious ways to make your pancakes differently

As British people, we love pancake day. A day to break out the jars of Nutella, and pour sugar and lemon over the thousands of pancakes we will eat on 16th Feb. But are you bored of the same toppings? If that is a yes, you have come to the right place! Take a look at the ideas we have found below, which we think will be delicious on your pancakes this year!

  1. Breakfast Pancakes
    It will be said, that another firm favourite of a the British person, is their love of the full breakfast. So to mix pancake day in with this, to your usual flour, egg and milk mixture, add a few dollops of mash potato to make a mixture that will create a chunky savoury pancake… Perfect topped with bacon and a runny poached egg!
  2. Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana
    Perfect for the thinner pancake, melt some milk chocolate and drizzle this all over your pancake. Add chunks of banana, a few dollops of peanut butter – wrap and you’re ready to eat! Simple and very tasty!
  3. Chocolate Orange Pancakes
    Adding a little bit of cocoa powder and a good squeeze of orange juice, these pancakes would put Terry to shame… Speaking of which, don’t forget to drizzle over some chocolate orange when they are ready to eat…
  4. Pizza Pancakes
    Use your pancake as your base, add either a tomato or a BBQ sauce base (trust us, it’s good) – and fire away with your favourite pizza toppings. We personally love Ham, Mushroom, spinach and mushroom topped with lots of feta cheese!
  5. Apple Crumble Pancakes
    Now, you don’t need to make a full apple crumble, but using your pancake base, spread over a good amount of sweet apple sauce. Then using a simple crumble (flour, butter and sugar rubbed together), top the apple sauce and grill for a few minutes until nearly golden brown. Then add apple slices to the top and another sprinkle of sugar, and grill again for extra crunch!
  6. Protein Pancakes
    For those of you that want a healthier option, protein pancakes are a firm favourite for avid gym-goers and healthy eaters… Add protein powder (whatever flavour you fancy) to egg whites, milk and porridge oats, and sprinkle in some cinnamon. Then make as normal! We love these with blueberries and honey over the top of the stack.. mmmmm!
  7. Cheesy Pancakes
    Not all of us like our pancakes sweet, and we love the sound of cheesy pancakes! Mix your flour in with salt, sour cream and eggs, and add in your favourite cheese (we love a strong cheddar) and some dry mustard. Mix up, and get frying for a cheesy treat!

Let us know your favourite recipes for pancake day, and enjoy!

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