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6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Barbecue

March 4, 2021
March 4, 2021 #grillguide

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Barbecue

It’s that time of year again when we think about digging out the barbecue from the shed ready for the season ahead!

Here are some great tips to get your barbecue ready for use.

  1. For traditional charcoal barbecues, remove any grills and sweep out the ash tray with a soft brush. Give the grill a good spray with Bar-Be-Quick Barbecue and Oven Cleaner  leave it to soak for a while.
  2. If you have a gas barbecue, start by removing lava rocks or ceramic coals and put them into a bucket of warm soapy water.  Hopefully you can now clean around the burners and bars with ease. However, you may have to remove further parts to clean them properly so consult your guide, but do not mess with any gas carrying components that you’re unclear about and be sure to put everything back carefully when you are done.  Scrub the soaked Lava Rocks/coals in the bucket if required and rinse them in fresh water. You may find these need replacing if they are gathering grime
  3. Wash your pre-soaked grill down with warm soapy water after the cleaner has taken effect. Any burnt on food may need a little extra elbow grease and our Barbecue Grill Brush would make light work of this.
  4. Rinse off both grill and ash pan with cold water to leave sparkly and shiny. You may find if the grill has been left out over the winter it may need replacing. Check with your barbecue suppliers if replacement grills are available.
  5. Wash at the end of your next barbecue whilst it is still warm as this will have loosened any grime and it should be easier to wash off.
  6. If you’re still entertaining and don’t fancy this, or you simply forget, there are other options. A nice way of softening up grime is to place a hot water-soaked newspaper onto your dirty grill or bowl and leave for half an hour or so. This should soak into the grime so you will be able to gently clean it off afterwards. You can easily warm up your gas bbq before any clean but if you have a charcoal grill maybe use a little fuel of some sort to warm it all up again.
    But obviously our Barbecue Cleaner is the easiest option!

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