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5 Fun Summer Time Activities for all the Family

August 29, 2019
August 29, 2019 #grillguide

5 Fun Summer Time Activities for all the Family

Keeping children busy and entertained during the summer holidays, or at any time, is rather difficult and rarely cheap, so here are some great and fairly priced ideas to keep you happy and your children active.

  1. Make the most of brilliant museums

People often forget about museums, especially when they are usually seen as being boring or all about learning, however there are many museums that are in fact very entertaining. National museums are free to visit and the majority of other museums are generally priced between £0- £20 but it all depends on which museum you want to visit (children under 5 also tend to visit for free). There are thousands of museums around the UK so you are bound to find something that the whole family will enjoy.


  1. Stargazing

Even though UK weather is very temperamental, we occasionally get hot weather that we would expect to get in summer which leaves a beautiful night sky. When you are stargazing the perfect things to take with you are: a blanket, food and drink, warm clothes, a camera and make sure to download the apps Star Walk (iPhone-  https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/star-walk-explore-the-sky/id295430577) or Google Sky (android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.stardroid&hl=en_GB), these apps will help you find and make the most of all the amazing things you may see in the sky).


  1. Make the most of the outdoors

Take your family to the beach and enjoy a nice family picnic in the sun or enjoy a lovely barbecue. If you choose to barbecue make sure to be extremely careful and follow instructions and safety guide lines that should be supplied by the manufacturers (or find them here-  https://www.barbequick.com/grillguide/grillguide-blog/check-8-top-tips-bbq-safety-i-never-knew-number-7/). An important precaution is that your barbecue must be placed on a firm, level base that is sheltered from wind gusts and away from flammable items such as garden sheds, vegetation and fences; simple precautions can help avoid a catastrophe.


  1. Host a neighbourhood pot luck

This is a simple and fun way to get to know your neighbours and enjoy good food. Invite your friends or neighbours and ask them to bring a homemade dish of their choice to your house and once all of the guests have arrived you should be left with many varied dishes that you can all eat and enjoy together, or to ensure a well-rounded menu, invite odd-numbered houses on your street to bring dessert, while even-numbered ones bring savoury.


  1. Visit a national park or a wildlife centre

This option is for the animal lovers. These places are often free or very cheap and are a lovely day out because you are in the outdoors and you get to play with and enjoy the company of some animals that you may not get to see in your day to day life. A slightly more expensive option is to visit a zoo, but it is still a very exciting day out for the kids.