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5 Fun Facts Some of you Never Knew about Bar-Be-Quick

September 12, 2019
September 12, 2019 #grillguide

5 Fun Facts Some of you Never Knew about Bar-Be-Quick

We have gathered some, maybe or maybe not, known facts about our business that you’re sure to be pretty impressed by!

  1. They designed, developed and marketed the very first Instant Barbecue. After this, Bar-Be-Quick was born! [1986]
  2. Bar-Be-Quick applied for and achieved ISO accreditation in 1987.
  3. Bar-Be-Quick became the first UK charcoal supplier to be awarded FSC certification! (Forest Stewardship Council) [1996]
  4. Bar-Be-Quick unfortunately encountered a large fire at their distribution warehouse which destroyed over 50% of stock! This was named the ‘largest barbecue’ in the UK but they still managed to deliver their customers’ summer stock to them. [2000]
  5. We have another site called ‘Tellar House’ situated on Widow Hill road in Burnley. This site comprises of 800sqm offices and a newly refurbished warehouse of some 6000sqm. [2017]

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