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About Brooklyn

Welcome to our Claire.

She’s our grilling superhero, and a mum who knows all the do’s and don’t when your planning on having a barbecue party to remember.
Go Claire!

Rain or shine

All the know how on barbecues, from which charcoal is best, to great recipes.

Safety first!

Easy to remember tips for when and where not to have your barbeue.

Make it fun...

Having a barbecue is a great fun way to enjoy a weekend or camping trip.

About Brooklyn
The superhero for barbecue grilling!
Claire Grills | Grillologists

Superhero Help

Claire is the font of all knowledge when it comes to barbecues – if she doesn’t know its not worth knowing, so keep following her throughout the year with tips and technics.


Claire says...

Safety first!


Claire Grills



Claire says...

Handy tips...

Our Service

Get Grilling with Claire!

Get Bar-Be-Quick-ing this summer! – We have been barbecuer’s for over 30 years , do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!

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