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Outdoor Barbecue Stoves

Chesneys for Summer 2019

Details below...
About Brooklyn

New Heater Barbecues.

“It provides a unique degree of temperature control,
ease of use and variety of cooking modes for mastering different recipes. It’s fast to light and emits
very little smoke”…..James Martin

Precise control

A single lever air control

Clean burn

Fully sealed combustion chamber


Base designed for your log store

Rotatable grill area

Grill rotates to allow different height and sizes of cuts of meat

Fully insulated

Insulated lid with thermal rotation to reduce heat loss

About Brooklyn
a new outdoor cooking experience!
BAR-BE-QUICK - Design Team

Taking outdoor entertaining
to a whole new level

The range is beautifully engineered with a smooth control system and
attractive curved design guaranteed to enhance your garden or terrace.


Large grill area

Grill is big enough to cook for 8-10 people with any of six cooking methods

20190124-Heat & Grill Lifestyle 1

Stylish design

Designed to sit comfortably alongside your other garden products


Clean burn technology

Glass door always remains clear, so that the beauty of the fire can be enjoyed as the shadows lengthen

About Brooklyn

Six cooking methods to experiment with


Cook a steak in minutes or rustle up some grilled fish or seafood in an instant using low temperatures with either direct or indirect heat.


Bake some bread or biscuits with the ability to maintain a constant heat and effective thermal rotation lid sealing in the heat, just like an oven.


Roast an impressive joint of beef or a chicken, adjusting the height of the grill by a simple rotation to ensure enough room for cooking with the lid down, resulting in tasty meat, staying moist for hours.


Impart the flavour of charcoal or wood by using indirect heat for a delicious smoky flavour and tender meat.

Wok cooking

Take the wok outside and cook a sizzling stir-fry with the indirect heat of the fire.

Pizza oven

Place a pizza stone on the grill, your choice of pizza on the stone, close the lid and achieve perfect crispness in just a few minutes.

About Brooklyn

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