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About Brooklyn

Why you use Briquettes...

Charcoal briquettes develop their heat and burn for longer periods than lumpwood charcoal. This means that although they take slightly longer to get up to cooking temperature, there is less need to refuel so you get more cooking time.

Ease of lighting

You will need lighting gel or a starter chimney.

100% Natural

Made from charcoal fines and starch

Burn temperature

Longer and hotter than lumpwood, ideal for slower cooks.

Cook time

An average kettle BBQ will burn up to 3hrs.

About Brooklyn
Longer to get up to cooking temperature, there is less need to refuel so you get more cooking time.!

The briquettes details

Evenly shaped quality charcoal briquettes for that longer, hotter burn. Great for kettle barbecues, roasting and smoking.


Pack sizes available

We have a range of bag sizes from the handy 3kg – to the bigger 10kg bag.


Burn time

The average barbecue fuel load of 2kg will burn for almost 3hrs, making them the ideal for slow roasting and smoking.


Temperature grade

Briquettes are considerably hotter than lumpwood, creating consistent heat with a long burn cycle

Our Service

Best way to light briquettes

Watch our video below and we will show one method to light our Bar-Be-Quick Briquettes.

Lighting with gel

Specially formulated for barbecues.

Lighting blocks and a chimney

Quickly lights briquettes.

Newspaper and a chimney

A simple clean method.

Our Service

Get Bar-Be-Quick-ing this summer!

We have been barbecuer’s for over 30 years , do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!

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