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Top Tips for Festival BBQ Safety

August 16, 2018
August 16, 2018 - -

Top Tips for Festival BBQ Safety

Festival’s are a wonderful place to make many memories, dance to so many varieties of music, drink, drink and drink a bit more, and camp with lots of different people… However, do you know how to safely have a BBQ at a festival (if they are of course allowed)? If you do or you don’t, refresh yourself with our tips on the best safety tips for BBQing at a festival!

  1. Never (ever ever) take a lit Instant Barbecue, or any kind of Barbecue into a very enclosed space, or a tent. Barbecues give off Carbon Monoxide, which if inhaled in an enclosed space can cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Always keep your barbecue out in the fresh air, come rain or shine (hopefully shine), and you will have no problems, and a really good BBQ! If you are worried, remember the signs for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Headaches/Dizzy/Shortness of breath/nausea/unconsciousness. If you think you have signs of poisoning, call 111 and ask for urgent advice.
  2. We know at Festivals, space is at a minimum because of all the jam-packed tents…. however if you are barbecuing at an event, make sure you keep the lit BBQ well away from yours/other people’s tents. Wind can make the flames blow any way, as well as any ash, which if you’re not careful with, will have either yours or someone else’s tent in flames…. not the way we want the weekend to go!
  3. Before using any barbecue, make sure to read the label on the Instant/charcoal bag, and follow the instructions to the letter. They are on the label/bag for a reason, to give you the BEST safety advice, and if you follow these rules you should have a safe and fun BBQ.
  4. Always dispose of your BBQ in the correct and safest way possible. Wait until the barbecue is completely out, and cold, before making sure this is disposed in the correct bin. Always check if any parts of the BBQ can be recycled. Never leave the BBQ behind, just lying around for someone to stand on, burn or hurt themselves…
  5. ALWAYS prop your Instant Barbecue on a firm, non-flammable, heat-resistant surface, and not on grass/picnic benches or anything like that. Otherwise you will be looking at either a patch of burnt grass, and if the grass is dry can cause a bigger fire, or a burnt surface. Bricks, or if not available a couple of big stones…. or if you’re really prepared, one of our Bar-Be-Quick Barbecue Stands – which fold away and are perfect for festival season! https://www.barbequick.com/mag/index.php/bar-be-quick-barbecue-stand.html – Available on our website for £12.99!

And lastly, enjoy every moment and dance until the sun comes up!

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