Refurbish your Cast Iron Grill plates

Refurbish your Cast Iron Grill plates

BBQ PointersSo let’s refurbish your Cast-iron grill or sear plates, is the food sticking or are just rusty and uncared for, as you can see in the first picture below, for less than a pint of beer in your local, you can have those grills looking like new and improve the non-stick qualities at the same time.

You need 1litre of white vinegar and a 500ml bottle, (I used 2 x Sainsbury’s  £1.20) diluted 50/50 with water and a bottle of (£3.75 in Wilko) of linseed oil (aka flax oil) to season the grill and a suitable size plastic bowl or container to soak your grill in. You will also need a suitable rag to apply the oil and heat-resistant gloves.


Place the grill plate in the plastic container and pour your vinegar dilution to cover your grill, leave for around an hour to do its work on any rust, etc.

A little scrub with a wire brush to remove any stubborn bits helps.

Then remove from the solution and dry the grill off, then get your barbecue fired up as you will need to heat the plate up whilst applying the coats of linseed oil.

Apply a coat of oil using a rag on both sides of the grill then place on the barbecue.

Wait till this smokes and burns off then remove carefully you will need some heat-resistant gloves.


Repeat this process at least 4 times to build up the layers, what you’re creating is a heat-proof non-stick coating.

When done apply a final coat wiped over and leave to one side safely to cool.

Then when cool wipe down and save ready for your next ‘smash’ burger session.