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These are our barbecuing essentials

We will teach you the way to have a Great British Barbecue the Bar-Be-Quick way.
Just follow these simple steps before you start the cooking and you won’t go wrong.

Cooking burgers/sausages for less 20 minutes

Then you need to use a “direct” method to cook for food like burgers, sausages, shrimps and vegetables or even strawberries!

Cooking for larger items for more than 30-60 minutes

Then you need to us an “indirect” method to cook for food like big joints of meat, whole chickens and big roasting joints.

Select the charcoal

For our ‘quick’ cook barbecue the best for this type is our Instant Light or our Lumpwood bags.

Select the right charcoal

For our ‘slow’ cook barbecue the best type for this is to use our Briquette charcoal.

Direct Cooking - Charcoal

Evenly arrange the glowing charcoal across the full barbecue grate and put the lid on while cooking if you have one.

Indirect Cooking - Charcoal

Postion the glowing charcoal into two piles either side of the barbecue grate, an place one of our foil drip trays in the middle, with a small amount of water in it.

Start to cook when...

The barbecue coals have stopped flaming and grey ash is covering the coals, lumpwood is best for this, as it reaches temp quickly, place your food directly over the coals.

Start the cook...

Wait for the coals to reach temp and have turned grey with ash, briquettes are better for this as they have a longer burn time.

Get the lid on!

If your looking…your not cooking, so make sure you close the lid of the barbecue if it has one, allow 3-4 minutes then open then check and turn your food.

Get the lid on!

You can only cook this method properly with a lid on as cook times will be long at 2-3hrs so theres nothing to see.

Watch the temp...

Put the lid back on this gives the food a full smoky barbecue taste also stops flare ups and controls the cook, make sure the vent stays open!

Watch the temp...

If your barbecue has a lid thermometer watch the temp you need too keep it above 180-200C topping up the fuel as needed. Or get a digital one with sensors for the meat as well as the BBQ.

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Just how much charcoal to use...

Ok your having a barbecue this weekend but how much is the recommended amount of charcoal that is needed to cook on without overloading the grill, it is all down to the size of your bbq grill diameter.

The sizes we will use in this example is 30cm and 40cm, but if your grill is larger just use the measures as a guide to increase the numbers by.

Briquettes on our Portable BBQ

There are of course two methods of cooking on your barbecue…

TIP 1:- 30-35 cm dia Indirect cook, eg. our portable BBQ.

Using our Briquettes – 7 coals each side then add 5 per hour

Using our Instant Light or Lumpwood – 0.3kg each side then add 0.15kg per hour.

40-45 cm dia Indirect cook, eg. our mini kettle BBQ.

Briquettes – 15 coals each side then add 7 per hour

Instant Light or Lumpwood – 0.7kg each side then add 0.25kg per hour

TIP 2:- 30-35 cm dia Direct cook.

Using our Briquettes – 24 coals across the grill, then add up to 10 coals per hour.

Using our Instant Light or Lumpwood – 0.5kg then add 0.25kg per hour.

40-45 cm dia Direct cook.

Briquettes – 30 coals then add 12 per hour

Instant Light or Lumpwood – 1.0kg then add 0.50kg per hour

TIP 3:-

Some bbq’s have a measuring cup or improvise with a suitable dish/plastic bowl even a flower pot! – to make this easier to judge.

TIP 4:-

Light the starting amount in one go then arrange as needed using long tongs and a bbq glove/mitt to protect your hand from the heat.

Other examples…

"Make sure you barbecue grill is clean, tip – clean while the grill is warm, will make it easier!"

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Essential BBQ starter kits

We recommend you get yourself a few items to make your cooking session easier.

Tool set

A 3 piece tool set spatula, tongs and fork are great.

Foil trays

To catch drips will prevent flare-ups catch the juices to make great sauces with.

Grill Brush and Scraper

Perfect for the clean up job afterwards.

BBQ Mit/Glove

Protect your hands from the heat with these heavy duty gloves

Digital Thermometer

Great for testing the internal temperature of you food.

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