American style smoke and grill

Once upon a time we smoked meat as a way to preserve it. As smoke makes the liquid evaporate it preserves the raw material so you could always fetch meat from the pantry and serve meat all year round. Today it’s a different need we try to fulfill with smoking – many love the delicate smoke flavors we know from for instance salmon, ham and barbecued food. Smoke has become one of the hottest trends in BBQ – because with your barbecue you have the perfect tool to get started smoking and it’s so easy to do.

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Our barbecue is built specifically to secure a low temperature – making it perfect for smoking and cooking ‘low and slow’. Because of its shape and tiered construction and the integrated water pan you can keep a low stable temperature over many hours – exactly what is key when you smoke. This way you can both experiment with smoking fish, meat cheese and vegetable as well as try those true American BBQ classics like pulled pork!

Low 'n' slow gives you tender results.

Lid mounted thermometer to check the temperature at a glance

Easy access top-up fuel door...

Rust proof large easy access fuel door.

Temperature control vent

Rust proof fully adjustable air vents on the top lid.

Open base design allows great airflow.

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Accessories for the Smoker

Smoking Chips

Flavour enhancing for your barbecue, grill or smoker. Uses wood from well managed sources. An easy way to add authentic smoked flavour to all types of meat, fish and vegetables.

Smoker & Grill Cover

When your finished protect your smoker with this great rainproof cover.