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The ultimate guide to making the most of the barbecue season.

There’s nothing like the smoky smell of a barbecue to put the finishing touch to a summer’s day.

Whether you’re a full BBQ pro with every gadget going or a quick and easy instant BBQ lover, there’s no feeling like the promise of warm evenings spent with friends and family sharing food, drinks and a lot of laughs.

This guide from Bar-Be-Quick – the pioneer of the instant barbecue – has everything you need to make this year’s barbecue season the best yet!

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About Brooklyn
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Essential BBQ starter kits

We recommend you get yourself a few items to make your cooking session easier.

Tool set

A 3 piece tool set spatula, tongs and fork are great.

Foil trays

To catch drips will prevent flare-ups catch the juices to make great sauces with.

Grill Brush and Scraper

Perfect for the clean up job afterwards.

BBQ Mit/Glove

Protect your hands from the heat with these heavy duty gloves

Digital Thermometer

Great for testing the internal temperature of you food.

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